7 Simple Steps to Writing Groupon Product Description that Sell

Most of the sellers get it wrong while writing Groupon product description. Using entirely capitalized words or the word warranty without providing warranty information could be a significant reason why Groupon is rejecting your listing. I am going to show you exactly how to write Groupon product description without Groupon rejecting your listing.


1. Write the features of the product in the form of bullet points:

Writing the main features in the form of bullet points makes it easier for the customer to read and get a quick glance at the features of the product. The features of the product are essential so don’t forget to write it.

2. Write technical details of the product below the bullet points:

Write technical information such as dimensions, ingredients, warranty, size, color, quantity, etc below the features. You might ask me why to write features first and then the technical information, this is because features, like, ‘reduces hair fall’ or ‘heals dandruff’ convinces customers more than static technical details like product color and size.If you want to use HTML codes and have no idea of how to use it then our description generator will be of great help.

3. Avoid spelling mistakes:

Product descriptions must contain proper punctuation and grammar and avoid using misspelled words. You can use Grammarly to correct grammatical mistakes.

4. Capitalized words

The description cannot contain words that are entirely capitalized or lower-case, Groupon will reject such listings. Only the start of a new sentence should be capitalized.

5. No contact information in Groupon product description.

Avoid inserting your contact information like email id, phone number or domain name, this could be a reason why Groupon might get your account suspended.

6. Food products

If you’re selling food products then you must include the ingredient list and the nutrients fact. Not including such details will get your listing rejected by Groupon.

7. Include warranty details

If your product has a warranty then include the word ‘warranty’ along with warranty information, not including warranty information and using only the word warranty will not get your listing live on Groupon.



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