How To Write Amazing Amazon Titles And Ebay Titles

An enticing title can go all the way in influencing the customer’s purchasing decision. However, while writing an enticing title you should also think of feeding the Amazon search engine. There has to be a perfect balance between enticing the customer and providing keywords for optimization.

Do not make a mistake of writing too many enticing words (eg premium, proven) and less keyword rather I would suggest writing more keywords and less enticing words.

Here are few steps for writing a perfect Amazon Title:

Step 1- Do A Research On Google For Writing Amazon Titles

Once you have purchased the products and ready to sell, the first step is to do a basic search on Google for competitor products. While doing the research you can note down important words i.e keywords and enticing words that they are using for their title and description.

Step 2- Do A Research On Amazon Titles Of Competitors On Amazon Itself

After noting down words from Google search, the next step would be to do a research on Amazon titles on Amazon Itself. Look out for important keywords and note it down.

 Do not make a mistake of copying competitor’s title and pasting it as your title. This could get you penalized by Amazon, therefore attempt to keep it as unique as possible.

Step 3- Write The Title in logical order For Amazon Title

It is necessary to write the titles in logical order.

Example: Customers usually search for “black Suit” instead of “suit in black”

Take an example of this title of my Client

“1.00 CTW Round White Diamond Martini Stud Earrings in 14K White Gold”

Look at the title, clearly, nobody searches for 1.00 CTW instead a better title would be

“Diamond Earring Stud 1.00 Carats Round and White-In 14k White Gold”

Customers start their search for Diamond earrings and not 1.00 CTW.

Step-4 Include some enticing words  For Amazon Title

Words like Premium, Warranty, Guarantee, Sure, New, Certified, Proven, etc plays on the mind of the customer. So do not forget to use at least one enticing words. For more enticing words check out Effective Advertising Words.

Amazon Has kept a Title Limit of 200 characters so make sure you stay in that limit. For more title guides on Amazon Visit Title Guide.

After doing the appropriate steps the next part will be the Don’ts.

What not to include in the title, here are some of the points.

  1. Price
  1. Words in all CAPITAL LETTERS
  1. Seller information
  1. Promotions (Sale, 50% off)
  1. Suggestive commentary (Best, #1 Seller)
  1. Symbols ($,?,!)
  1. Size – if not relevant to product
  1. Color – if the product does not come in multiple colors
  1. example: silver stainless steel refrigerator


Writing great titles takes time but I assure you it is worth the try. People make great money without advertising on Amazon and Ebay just plain organic results. On Ebay the same Guidelines can be used.


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