How To Write Amazing Amazon Descriptions


I suppose you want to write great Amazon description but you do not know where to begin with. Writing Amazon description in a particular style persuades the customers to make  purchases.

It takes time and effort to write great Amazon Titles and Amazon description but I can assure you it will reward for the time you invest in writing these titles and descriptions in terms of more purchases and greater customer loyalty.

Here are some of well researched steps for writing Amazon Descriptions but before going into the steps I would like to suggest that you can alter the below steps according to  your product needs and to what market it caters to.

Define Your Buyers Persona

It is important to know who your buyers are! Women or men you need to make a study about who uses your products, what age group, what websites they are browsing, what lifestyle they practice.

Typical Journalism question to ask yourself

  1. Who are the Customers
  2. What are they Doing
  3. When they purchase
  4. Where they live
  5. Why they purchase these products
  6. How they purchase

Writing Feature Of The Product For Amazon Description


If you look at the above seller on Groupon you will notice, the content is very static and robotic but the formatting is good. For example “stone type: Sapphire” can be written in a more emotive way to attract women customer like “Stone Type: Sapphire-Sparkling stone that always creating beautiful memories for the special one”.

Tone Of Voice For Amazon Description

Don’t forget to add some good humor while writing. People like humor, stories, testimony. Your writing needs to strike a chord with the customer, it needs to persuade them to click on the buy button.

Eliminate Buyers Guilt While Writing Amazon Description

Buyer’s remorse is a sense of regret that customer has after purchasing an expensive product. You need to try to eliminate it by swaying the customers mind about the worth of the product. Make the product sound exclusive, compliment the customer for making such a great purchase, make them feel that by purchasing the product they are actually going to save money.


Use Enticing Words For Amazon Description

Use Marketing words or enticing words as I call it, to make your product stand out. Words like premium, Proven, Certified, Guarantee etc make your product look classy. For more enticing words check out Effective Advertising Words.


Use Keywords For Amazon Description

These are one of the most important things to do. Sellers complain that they are not getting the top spot when selling; obviously, you will not if do not do a keyword research for your product. Google Keyword planner is good tool to get started with.



Writing description can be fun if you are a professional writer but might be tiresome if you have loads of products to sell online. You can always outsource your E-commerce to India for a very low cost.



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