Why Upload Products To Walmart E-commerce Marketplace?

Walmart started as a small store and now are the biggest retailers and online sellers. They now make a turnover of about 500 billion dollars a year and employs more than 2.2 million people all over the world. They have the highest sales and are slowly dominating the E-commerce business. Selling on Walmart is simple and you can get your account started in a few steps.

1) Adding Your Products
• There is no limit for the minimum and a maximum number of SKU’s to upload on Walmart.
• Walmart has a few products which are prohibited. For eg: Alcohol, Animal Vaccines, Unauthorized copies of art, Fossils, Any funeral items, etc. For more click here.
• You can upload products on Walmart directly or through third-party apps like Geekseller
• Use a unique product identifier while uploading like a UPC or an EAN
• There are no restrictions on having images with a white background but it’s better to follow the universal image standards.

2) Fulfilling Orders
• Once you receive an order it will display on the Walmart seller portal or you can sign up for email notifications.
• Choose your carrier and select from the 5 shipment methods Walmart provides
• Pack and ship your order in a non-branded box. The packaging box cannot include anything besides Walmart’s materials

3) Fees for selling
• Walmart does not take any fees from the seller but deducts a small amount when a sale occurs on the site
• The deduction for the sale of product on Walmart is as follows
Clothing and accessories – 15 %, Automotive & Powersports – 12%, Beauty – 15%, Cellphones – 8% Etc. You can find more by clicking here.
• Payments will be made to you after every two weeks in your preferred US bank account

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