Why Outsource Ecommerce Photo Editing Services

Having a beautifully edited photo in your product listing plays an important role in influencing your customers towards purchasing your product. Most photographs of products are not upload worthy right away. Beautifying the photograph and adding certain elements to influence customers to purchase it is a skill. Heres why you must outsource your photo editing:

1. Saves Time
Of course, photo editing takes a lot of time in order to get the picture perfect for uploading. An average photo takes more than 10 minutes if edited by an unprofessional. There are many agencies which help to edit and upload high-quality images of your product.

2. Marketplace standards
Each e-commerce market place provides different standards for uploading images in terms of its pixel density and dimensions. A skilled photo editing professional can help manipulate your product listing which in turn will increase your sales

3. Tips and tricks
There are many marketing strategies image manipulation artists carry out to make your product image influential. One example is having a white background on the image. A white background makes your product stand out from the website and influence the buyer to purchase.

4. Image Resizing/Cropping
Resizing a small group of images is fine, but if it is a large batch of products it is a tedious job to edit. By outsourcing your image editing you can save a lot of time as there are many agencies that batch resize images

We at Fabulsosoindia have a team of skilled and experienced image editing professionals. We have worked with many top companies in the nation and around the world. A small example of our work would be for our client Hollywoodsecrets.in


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