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You might have recently opened an account on Tanga and excited to sell on this website. If you are wondering how to sell or upload on Tanga then I am going to show you how to do it, it is not difficult to upload individual products on Tanga. Are you still wondering whether you should sell on Tanga? maybe my previous article might convince you to take the step.

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To start selling or listing on Tanga, you need to first click on the start button, and after that, you will need to fill up the title, subtitle etc.


1)  Title

The title is the most important factor while uploading on Tanga, the title helps the customer to find the product on Tanga, not only that, it also helps in ranking on Google search. How cool is it?

2) Subtitle

Over here you can add the main features of your product, it’s free of cost, unlike eBay which charges their customer to use the subtitle.

3) Description

Writing a proper description can go a long way in convincing the customer to make the purchase. Now the question is how to write a convincing description? description writing is straightforward, what you need to do is to start with main features of your product, for this, you need to ask your self ‘how is the product going to benefit your customers’ take an example of an anti-dandruff shampoo. You should add the technical details of the product below the main features. Remeber the main intention of writing the features is to convince the customer to make a purchase and the technical details is to let them know more about the product.


– CLEARS DANDRUFF  QUICKLY: Our shampoo has a unique mix of ketoconazole ingredient that will make your hair clean and reduce the intensity of dandruff.

– DOES NOT CONTAIN HARMFUL CHEMICALS: Our products are certified and tested, we see that no harmful chemical is added.

Technical details: 

Color: Red

Ingredients: Ketoconazole

Quantity: 200ml

4) Product Condition

  • New
  • New: Open Box
  • Refurbished (Grade A)
  • Refurbished (Grade B)
  • Refurbished (Grade C)

You need to select one of this based on the condition of the product.

5) Category

Categories on Tanga can be found in two simple ways, one by simply typing the category and the other by using this bulk_upload_products sheet provided by Tanga.

6) Target population

  • Unisex
  • Male
  • Female

You need to select one of this based on the product type.

7) Tags

Tags are good for grouping similar products together. For example, All Shampoo items will come under “shampoo” tag and all Soap items will come under “soap” tag

8) Youtube video URL

If you have any video showing the uses of the product then it can be uploaded to youtube first and then on Tanga.

9) Images

You can upload any amount of images you want on Tanga, there no limit when it comes to images, for now at least.

10) Variation

It’s very easy to add a variation on Tanga, what you need to do is type the color or size on the variation box and click add, this will create additional boxes in the ‘SKU’ tab where you can type out the details.

11) SKUs

All the SKU details need to be written including the variation details, need to be fed in this tab.

12) Pricing

There are two kinds of price model that Tanga allows you to use, one is the ‘cost model’ and the other is ‘price model’. In the cost model, sellers submit the products to Tanga based on Cost of the product + shipping + other costs, over here Tanga uses its proprietary method to mark up the products based on the category. This method guarantees that you will be paid for the cost of the product sold.

The price model is similar to other marketplaces where the retail price is the selling price of the product.

13) Product shipping

Over here the shipping weight of the product needs to be mentioned.

14) Other product info

You will also need to provide a link of a marketplace that you are selling besides Tanga . The link could be of Amazon, Groupon etc.











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