Quick Smart Trick To Find Groupon Categories Faster

Many of the sellers have been searching for Groupon categories using the dropdown while listing individually. This method will consume your time while listing. I am going to show you a quick to find Groupon categories faster and smarter. Use this Groupon Category IDs to find your product category faster. Yes, it's that simple, all [...]

7 Simple Steps to Writing Groupon Product Description that Sell

Most of the sellers get it wrong while writing Groupon product description. Using entirely capitalized words or the word warranty without providing warranty information could be a significant reason why Groupon is rejecting your listing. I am going to show you exactly how to write Groupon product description without Groupon rejecting your listing. 1. Write [...]

Fixing Groupon Image Rejection | 100% Guaranteed Method

Fixing Groupon image rejection can be a headache if you are a seller who has bulk inventory. Also, having good images is the key to increase sales on Groupon. According to research products with high-quality photos are likely to sell faster. We have cobbled up a guide on how to never get rejected by Groupon because [...]

How to Write And Build Groupon Product Titles To Increase Sales

Why must you have a good Search Engine Optimised Title? If you don't, your product will never appear first to the customer. And your competitor will always win. Learn How To Build Awesome Groupon Titles, To Help You Boost Sales. Use A Keyword Tool A keyword tool will help you understand what customers search. For example, [...]

Best Products To Sell On Groupon Stores Account To Increase Sales

Are you confused about which products to sell on Groupon? This will help you choose your products as well as increase your sales. Be updated on the latest trends Sell products that are trending. This will guarantee high sales. Recently the fidget spinner was a trending product. Don’t think about how stupid the product is. [...]

How to Increase Sales on Groupon Stores Account

How to increase sales on Groupon stores account is every seller's big question. Below are a few points to help increase sales on Groupon Simple Understandable titles Keep the title short. Provide the key features to help the customers quickly identify its key features. Include the brand, colour, and size if needed. If the product consists [...]

How To Create A Groupon Store Account For Sellers

Everyone’s dream is to make a lot of money. Groupon is a major platform to take your business online and boost the sales of your store. You can create a Groupon Store Account and be a seller if you follow the following steps. Log on to Groupon Store account for Sellers First Log in to [...]

Groupon Account Suspended | Reasons Behind Account Suspension

Groupon is pretty serious when it comes to listing products on the website. It does not tolerate sellers who go against the terms set by the company. It also does not approve of sellers who bend the rules in order to make an extra couple of bucks. The company highly disapproves such sellers. Groupon disapproves [...]

Dealing With Groupon Rejection Of Product Listings On Your Groupon Account

Many a time products submitted for review on Groupon are rejected due to various problems such as inappropriate category or image problems.Groupon ensures that customers get what they see. To fulfill this they ensure that the products listed by the sellers are up to the mark with appropriate descriptions and images. The following article will [...]