How To Increase Sales By Selling On Amazon Vendor Express

Are your products sitting on the shelves for ages?  Its high time you take charge of getting your products in front of your customers. With Amazon Vendor Express there is less waiting and complications. Be ready for sky-high rocketing sales. It basically offers a few features of Amazon Vendor Central without the need for an invitation to join in.

” We see our Customers as invited guests to a party, And we are the hosts. It’s our job to make customer experience a little better ” – Jeff Bezos, CEO

Most Simple Way To Sell Online

  • Unlike Amazon Vendor Central, anyone can sell here. There is no invitation required to sell on Amazon Vendor Express.
  • Once you opt-in,  Amazon will handle all your shipping, customer complaints and returns 24/7.
  • With Amazon Vendor Express your listing will be associated with “Sold By Amazon”.
  • There is a higher chance of getting a buy box for your product.
  • Amazon purchases from you in bulk, therefore giving you higher sales.
  • Once you’ve registered your brand with Amazon Vendor Express, You have better access to optimization, creating ads And Amazon’s Sponsered Product page.

How To List Your Product

  1. Under the Products, tab click Add or Upload Products1
  2. Select the Product Type: Certain Products that fit under the Apparel, Handbag, Luggage, Shoes, Sunglasses, Watches Category are available for bulk upload by downloading an excel sheet template. The others need to be manually uploaded.1
  3. Input the Product Name and The Unique Product Code1
  4. Fill in details about the product dimensions etc1
  5. Choose whether you want to ship your product to Amazon’s Warehouse or directly to the Customer.2
  6. Enter The suggested retail price you want to sell to Customer’s and Your selling price to Amazon3
  7. Finally input bullet points and clear images with white background4
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