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Rakuten is a marketplace with a mission to deliver an outstanding shopping experience and offer a broad selection of products to discover and purchase. They empower retailers to build individual relationships and go the extra mile for their customers. They are located in California, USA and are a division of Rakuten Inc. One of the world’s leading Internet service companies. Rakuten servers over 20 million customers. We provide Rakuten product listing services and more.

We provide the following to our Rakuten clients:
» Bulk product listing in a minimal amount of time with the help of our custom tools.
» Our skilled experts will ensure that your product is found by customers by using analytical tools and Search engine optimized keywords
» We upload enhanced and rich images to help your customers understand your product well visually
» We help you price your product right so as to earn profits.
» We acquire feedback and reviews from buyers to boost your online seller image as well correct any flaws