I Am An Individual Can I Sell On Amazon India- Easy Steps

Many individuals approach me asking whether you can sell on Amazon India or Flipkart, the answer is yes you can. It’s not about getting the documents to sell on Amazon, it’s is one of the least important tasks, the most important ingredient to becoming a successful seller on Amazon is to find the right product to sell.

So what document will you require to sell on Amazon India

    1. Find the right product

      Getting the right product is the most important part while selling products online. You can look out for manufacturers, distributors or you can manufacture your own product like soap and sell it online. You can also buy products from Indiamart or tradeindia, if you have the big money then you can try to outsource products from China, for this, you will require an import-export code.

    2. GST

      Before applying for a current account you will need to apply for a GST number. It’s not difficult to apply for GST if you have the following documents.
      1) Your personal PAN card.
      2) Your personal Identity proof and address proof.
      3) Address proof of business (Home address will suffice). If you are a student and do not have a place of your own then ask your parents to grant a NOC for conducting business at home.
      4) Adhaar Card or Digital certificate
      Is your mobile number linked to your aadhaar card? if yes, then you can sign the document using the aadhaar card or else you will require purchasing a class 2 digital certificate. For a sole proprietor and aadhaar card will do but for a company, the class 2 digital certificate is required.

    3. PAN

      Applying for PAN card has been made easy, what you need do is to visit thepancard, fill up the form quickly and courier it the address provided on the website. learn more about how to apply for PAN card

    4. Current account

      Once you have the GST certificate, it won’t be a difficult task in applying for a current account. You will require maintaining a minimum balance to operate a current account, the balance will increase when it comes to a private bank and much less when it comes to a public bank.

    5. Mobile number

      You can use your personal number.

    6. e-Mail id

      Your personal email id will suffice.

Once you have all the documents to sell online you can sign up on Amazon and start selling. Remember, if you have a plan and select the right products to sell you can make a lot of money but you can lose money also if the expenditure is not taken into account, so be careful while selling online.


Frequently asked questions about  Amazon

What products can I sell on Amazon 

You can sell any products except products that are banned by the Indian government. Here are some categories that Amazon allows you to sell on.

Jewelry, Kitchen, Luggage, Mobile Phones, Movies, Musical Instruments, Office and Stationary, Personal Care Appliances, Personal Computers, Pet Supplies, Software, Shoes and Handbags, Tablets, Toys, Video games (consoles and games), Watches, Apparel, Automotive, Baby Products, Batteries, Beauty, Books, Consumables, Consumer Electronics (including Cameras and Video Games – Consoles), Digital Accessories (including Mobile Accessories, Electronics Accessories and PC Accessories), Groceries, Home.

How much does Amazon charge for selling on their platform? 

You have to pay a commission only once there is an order plus taxes. There are no fees beyond that. To check on Amazon commission click here

Does Amazon offers protection against fraud?

Yes, Amazon does protect you against fraud. So you don’t need to worry about it.

Do I need VAT and CST to sell on Amazon  

No, You will require GST to start selling.

Do I need my own courier service to start selling on Amazon? 

No. You can ask Amazon to ship it to you. All you need to do is pack the products and keep it ready for delivery.

Can I pack the products with my own packaging material? 

No. You have to purchase the packaging material from amazon.


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