How to Write And Build Groupon Product Titles To Increase Sales

Why must you have a good Search Engine Optimised Title? If you don’t, your product will never appear first to the customer. And your competitor will always win. Learn How To Build Awesome Groupon Titles, To Help You Boost Sales.

  • Use A Keyword Tool

    A keyword tool will help you understand what customers search. For example, if you are selling a ball, a keyword tool will help you to understand what the customer who is looking for a ball would type. A must Recommended tool is the Amazon Keyword Tool. It not only gives you keywords but also displays the search volume. This will help you a lot to make your title different and better from your competitor. Google Keyword Planner is another similar tool which helps you get unique keywords.

Your Most Unhappy Customers Are Your Greatest Source Of Learning ~ Bill Gates

  • Check Competitors Products

    First of all search and find competitors products which are similar to the items that you are selling.Probably use their keywords words from the titles if the product has high ratings but do not copy the entire title or you will run a risk of your account being suspended. A highly rated product definitely has a lot of customer views. Therefore use unique Keywords from competitors to better the sales of your product.

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  • Use marketing word or words

    Words like ‘New’, ‘premium’, ‘good quality’etc goes a long way in convincing the customer to make a purchase of the product. Besides using keywords don’t forget to jot down at least one marketing word.

  • Use your brand name as the first word

    Don’t forget to use the brand name as the first letter of the title. Listen, just imagine a customer likes your product and he wants to purchase it again? if you did not insert your brand name in the title, the customer will use the keyword to search the product, this will create a big problem for you because the customer might get tempted to purchase from your competitor because of less price or some others offers. You can also send a thank you card with the brand logo to the customer, this will remind your customer of the brand name.

  • Refer To Amazon’s Drop Down List

    If you type product on the Amazon search bar amazon provides you suggestions. In Conclusion, these suggestions provided in the form of a drop-down list are what customers are searching for. though you might say this is for Amazon customer only, far from the truth. The mentality of the customers searching for products to buy is the same on all marketplaces.

  • Avoid Conjunctions And Unnecessary Words

    And remember do not use words like and, the, of, with. Because its no use they only occupy space in the title. These are general words and is not given importance by search engines. Therefore The best title will follow: Brand Name +  Model Name + Form Factor + Unique Identifier (colour, capacity, pack size, etc.) To Build Awesome Titles You Can Use Title Editor Tool which is an amazing service provided by us to help you succeed.


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