How to Increase Sales on Groupon Stores Account

How to increase sales on Groupon stores account is every seller’s big question. Below are a few points to help increase sales on Groupon

Simple Understandable titles

Keep the title short. Provide the key features to help the customers quickly identify its key features. Include the brand, colour, and size if needed. If the product consists of a bundle mention the quantity. Eg 5 packs.

Use Search Terms

Use keywords while building your title. Words which you feel customers are likely to search for. If appropriate keywords are used, the product will reach a larger audience. Use Google Trends or Google AdWords to find popular keywords.

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Specify Brand Name

It helps the customers to filter and identify products. The brand name is more useful to customers than manufacturer information, but do provide both. It is important as it differentiates one product from the competitors.

Brief understandable descriptions

The product description must be brief. It contains all the descriptive information about the product. Avoid marketing the product in the description. Describe all the key features, including the size and colour information. Include the brand name, model number, even if they are already in the product title. Mention the key features in bullet points in short. The technical details need to mentioned below in brief. The descriptions must be short and presentable like the below.


Suitable Images Of The Product

Upload images of the product at different angles. The images are a major convincing point. Provide images that will help the customer understand how it would feel to own the product.

Refer to competitors products

Always look out how your competitors have uploaded their products. Products being displayed on top our search engine optimised. Refer to those listings to help you get an idea what key words have been used.


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