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Fabulosoindia has helped me increase my sales. I do not suffer losses now as my entire business is handled well by them.

Sophia Williams, Seller on Groupon

Earlier i would recieve only 50/100 orders a day. After fabulosoindia has optimized my listings the average orders I recieve a day are above 500.

Mark Robinson, Seller on Groupon

Groupon Stores is an online marketplace that can help you sell your product to deal-seeking customers. You can make a fairly large amount selling through Groupon. Our clients sell around 1000 products per month on Groupon. If you are not yet selling on Groupon then this is the right time to do so. Groupon is the most popular site to get your online buisness started. We will dedicate you a team of skille Groupon Ecommerce experts to help increase your sales and grow your buisness. Groupon has a few terms and standards towards uploading products on their platform. Using our service you will directly gain access to our skilled team.

Our experts can help you with
» Professionally search engine optimized titles, putting your product before your competitors
» Accurate and brief descriptions to help your customer understand your product.
» Expert photo manipulation executives to assist you with enhanced photos for your product listing
» Product analysis to price the product right compared to similar products
» After sales feedback and review acquiring.
» Creating deals to attract customers to your online store.

» Inventory management to ensure you are able to fulfill every order successfully.
» Preparing sales reports after analyzing the monthly sales to maximize profits

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