Groupon Account Suspended | Reasons Behind Account Suspension

Groupon is pretty serious when it comes to listing products on the website. It does not tolerate sellers who go against the terms set by the company. It also does not approve of sellers who bend the rules in order to make an extra couple of bucks. The company highly disapproves such sellers. Groupon disapproves of such sellers by banning or suspending their accounts.

How do I know my account is suspended?

A simple message but very heart breaking one will appear once you have logged in. “ Your Groupon Account is suspended “ is not a message you will love to see once you log in your Groupon account. The effort you put in uploading your products since there is no bulk upload is in vain now that the account is suspended.


Groupon Account Suspended  When products repeatedly uploaded:

Do not upload a single product more than once. Groupon will suspend your account if you upload products more than one time. Keep in mind to upload quality over quantity. Do not worry that you have few products, and at the start have very little sales. If your products are of good quality and are uploaded with a good description and a well-built title, buyers will definitely choose your product over your competitor’s product. Refer to to help you list your products effectively.

Groupon Account Suspended  When same UPC are used for different products.

Do not use the same UPC ( unique product code ) for different brands. New UPC’s must be purchased for every account been made on Groupon. So do not even try using UPC’s that were used on a Groupon Account on another one, this will result in suspension of both your accounts.

Do not sell a brand if you have no authority to do so

Groupon Account must contain products of your brand alone. The account can get suspended if Groupon receives legal notice regarding the sale of products of someone else’s brand. Your account must contain only your brand products unless you have legal authority from your competitor.

Do not use the same title for two products.

Even if two products are similar do not use the same title for both the products. Groupon will consider it as a repetition of products even though they are different and suspend your account. Use good titles with the best keywords.


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