Fixing Groupon Image Rejection | 100% Guaranteed Method

Fixing Groupon image rejection can be a headache if you are a seller who has bulk inventory. Also, having good images is the key to increase sales on Groupon. According to research products with high-quality photos are likely to sell faster. We have cobbled up a guide on how to never get rejected by Groupon because of images.

Here are the General Image Guidelines for fixing Groupon image rejection

  1. Image must be Horizontal orientation
  2. You must upload an HD image without it being blurry.
  3. There should be no borders that surround the products.
  4. Make sure not to include text or advertising on the image. Such kind of words you must write it in the title or the description.
  5. Make sure the minimum width is 960 pixels, and the maximum width is  4200 pixels.
  6. Also, make sure the minimum height is 576 pixels, and the maximum height is 2520 pixels.
  7. The aspect ratio of 5 pixels wide for every 3 pixels tall is necessary while uploading images on Groupon.

Images sizes allowed by Groupon while listing images:

  1. The standard image size to upload on Groupon is 960px by 576px.
  2. Image size of 1400px by 840px gives your images an zoom lever of 1x.
  3. And image size of 4200px by 2520px gives your images a 3x zoom capabilities.

Smart tips for creating good images on Groupon


  •  Make sure to use a white background. Products with white background do not cause a distraction to the customer.
  • Do not forget to use a high-quality image. Low res images are one of the main reasons for images to get rejected.
  • Use photos that show multiple angles of the products. It gives an excellent feel to the customer when they can see images with different angles.


  • See that the image fills the entire image frame (very important). There should not be a significant amount of white space in between your images. The aspect ratio must be 5 pixels wide for every 3 pixels tall.


  • Please do not include text and logo on the images. Groupon will reject your images for sure.
  • And at last, see that you do not use any words that are sexual.



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