Documents Required To Sell On Amazon And Flipkart

Are you thinking to sell on Amazon India? You have made the right decision; Amazon is the second best marketplace to sell on after Flipkart. The documents required for Flipkart are the same for Amazon also, in fact, it is the same across all the marketplaces.

Documents required to sell on Amazon India

Form a company or sole proprietor

A person can sell on Amazon as an individual, partnership or company. If you have a low budget and are just starting out then sole proprietor is the best form to start with, but if you have investors backing you and you want to sell on your website also then you can probably register as a company. All you need to do is visit the Amazon sign up page and start selling today.

Types of entities to think of 

a) Sole Proprietor

A sole proprietor need not any registration for selling but you will require registering for GST as an individual or the firm name that you select.

b) Partnership

If you decide to start your business with a friend, family or business colleague, then it is better to have a partnership firm. To start a partnership firm all you need to do is to approach a lawyer and ask him to draft a partnership deed after the drafting is done you can register the deed at the sub-registrar. Note: You don’t need to register as a company to get the partnership done.

c) Private Limited Company

A Private limited company is more complicated and troublesome when it comes to registration but nowadays service providers like India filing can get this done in few days. The following points need to be kept in mind while registering as a private limited company.

      1. A right to restrict the shareholder from selling his shares.
      2. The company can have a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 50 members.
      3. The public can’t be invited to subscribe to the shares.
      4. Must have a minimum paid up capital of Rs. 1 lakh or a higher amount as prescribed from time to time.

Get a PAN card

You can now register you PAN card at instead of visiting your nearest PAN card center, who wants to stand in a queue right? you even don’t know if you will get the PAN card after standing for hours, so the best thing to do is register online.

Here are quick steps to register your  PAN card


Fill in the Application form


Make the payment online via debit,  credit card or internet banking.


Download the form


Paste two recent stamp size colour photographs (3.5 cm x 2.5 cm)


Sign in the appropriate places below.





Along with the form enclose the following documents and send it to the following address.

Documents to be sent via post office or courier: 

      1. Physical application duly signed
      2. Self-attested Proof of Identity
      3. Self-attested Proof of Address
      4. Self-attested proof of Date of Birth

41, Fourth Floor, Tower I,
Shakthi Towers,
766, Anna Salai,
Chennai – 600002.

GST Registration

Registration for GST is necessary if you are selling online. With VAT and CST discarded, so is the curb some process of registration, with GST you can register online. To start the registration process, you need to visit

Requirements to apply for GST:

a) PAN card

b) Proof of business registration or incorporation certificate.

b) Identity and address proof of the promoters with a photograph.

c) Address proof of the place of business.

d) Bank account name showing name, address and few transactions.

e) Class 2 digital signature of the authorized signatory.

c) Valid email ad

Again GST registration can be done by Indiafiling or Cleartax or just give us a call, and we will do the A-Z formalities for you.

Get a current account 

After getting all the registration done you need to apply for a current account, applying for a current account can be very simple if you have documents such as PAN card, GST certificate, and business registration certificate.

Get a mobile number 

Any mobile number will do. It can be your mobile number also.

Registered address 

A registered address will be the address that the business is being conducted, it can your office address, or home address too will do. You need to upload address proof on the Amazon portal; you use your telephone bill as a proof of address.

Email Id

Email id can be your personal id, or you can create a separate email id, I suggest you should create a different email id so that you don’t miss out on orders.

Get a Trademark (not compulsory) 

Get a Trademark will of great help primarily if you are selling on Flipkart but it is obviously not compulsory to get one.


We can do the entire registration for you, call us at +91-9921645094 or email


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