Dealing With Groupon Rejection Of Product Listings On Your Groupon Account

Many a time products submitted for review on Groupon are rejected due to various problems such as inappropriate category or image problems.Groupon ensures that customers get what they see. To fulfill this they ensure that the products listed by the sellers are up to the mark with appropriate descriptions and images. The following article will help you list your product and prevent Groupon Rejection.

Title and Description Groupon Rejections:

The title is the most important part in listing your products. A good Groupon Title must contain 70 characters maximum including spaces. Build your title using appropriate keywords in order to display your product before similar products from other sellers.

The title must not be entirely in capital letters.  You must capitalise the first letter of each word in an appropriate manner. Ensure that the words in the title are correctly spelt in order to avoid Groupon Rejections.

On reading the product description the customer makes up his mind whether to purchase your product or not. A good product description must contain Features of the product, Product dimensions and a brief Description of the product.


Avoid capitalising an entire word or mentioning points of surety towards delivering the product in time etc. Also, avoid using vulgar or slang words to prevent your product from being rejected. Mention the material of the product, the quantity and also the ingredients if needed.




Image Groupon Rejections:

The Product image allows the user to understand what the product exactly is. You must Provide high-quality images that explain the product well in order to increase sales of the product.

A product must have a primary image which is clear and has a white background. The image must be of good quality as per the standards of the website. To ensure it properly fits on the website, it must meet the required image standards of (960x576px) and aspect ratio (5:3px). To support 1x image zoom image size must be 1,400px by 840px. To support 3x image zoom image size must be 4,200px by 2,520px

Groupon Stores prohibits text on images, as it can make them appear cluttered. The text is only allowed if you are displaying your product on the packaging.

In order that the images do not get rejected, you must upload images of a high resolution or DPI.

img 1


UPC Made Compulsory:

Another major reason for product listing Groupon rejection is if the UPC is not added. UPC stands for Unique Product Code. It is a 12 digit number and is unique for every product being listed. It is a universal code towards identifying the product.

Other Minor Reasons for Groupon Rejection:

Products may be rejected if they are not specified in the appropriate category. If the product does not fit into any category it must be listed in the category that is nearest and similar.

An error stating Groupon Stores does not permit this product to be sold on its platform occurs because of internal or external restrictions, Groupon cannot sell the product at that time.



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