How To Create A Groupon Store Account For Sellers

Everyone’s dream is to make a lot of money. Groupon is a major platform to take your business online and boost the sales of your store. You can create a Groupon Store Account and be a seller if you follow the following steps.

Log on to Groupon Store account for Sellers

How-To-Create-A-Groupon-Store-Account-For-SellersFirst Log in to the website using the following link Since you are creating an account for the first time you need to give Groupon the following details, i.e your store a name, email id, and a password.

Upload A Logo And Cover

You must upload an image with the dimensions of 100 x 100 to be your store logo. Do not upload a photo containing a link to your website or a URL directing users off the Groupon website. Groupon may suspend your account if you do so. Also, upload an image with the dimensions of 1440 x 300 to be your cover image for the store. This can be found under the settings panel in the profile section once you are logged in.

Payments Information


Under the Payments section in the settings panel, you need to upload your bank details. Firstly, you need to specify whether your bank is situated in US or Canada. Next, you need to input a Tax identification number (TIN)  which is is a nine-digit number used as a tracking number by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Next, Specify The Legal name of your company. After that enter the name on the bank account, the bank routing number which is a nine-digit number used to identify financial institution in a transaction. Also, you have to enter your bank account number.

Sellers Fulfilment And Pickup Information

Now the pickup information that is the address and phone number of the company must be entered in the fulfillment form. Also, you got to choose between whether you would like Groupon to provide shipping labels for your Shipping orders, or whether you will provide your own.

Sales Tax

Now choose whether you would like to collect US Sales Tax from US customers from the taxes form. If you would want to Groupon to collect taxes then select ‘Yes’, if you want to collect it by yourself then select ‘No’

Customer support Information

Provide the customers your email id under the customer support form and if you want you can also provide your mobile number, this is optional. This will help the customers to reach to you electronically.

Business Information

Groupon needs the sellers business information before you can start to sell products on the site. The important business info like the sellers first name, last name, phone number, and email id.Groupon also, asks for the address and official name of the company and on which site besides groupon are majority of the products are sold by the seller.

Merchant Agreement.

Finally, after reading the terms and conditions you must click on I agree to the terms and conditions above. Which gives you the authority to sell products on Groupon.



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