Best Products To Sell On Groupon Stores Account To Increase Sales

Are you confused about which products to sell on Groupon? This will help you choose your products as well as increase your sales.

Be updated on the latest trends

Sell products that are trending. This will guarantee high sales. Recently the fidget spinner was a trending product. Don’t think about how stupid the product is. If it is trending, invest in it and sell it on Groupon. I personally was able to sell over 58 fidget spinners in less than 2 weeks online.

In fact, more than 90 percent of the company’s merchants in the United States have 20 or fewer employees

Sell original good quality products

Avoid selling Chinese counterfeits and low-quality products. Sell products that will satisfy the customers. Doing so will give you fewer tickets and prevent the account from getting suspended. Remember to treat the customer’s as VIPs by providing them with the best service. If still interested in selling better quality Chinese products, purchase from or Global

Weight and size


You know why?  It’s because heavier and bigger products increase your shipping cost. Save on shipping by selling products smaller in size. This small point can save a lot of your money too. Use the correct shipping amount if you want to sell heavier products.

Banned and harmful products


Do not sell products which are in the news for its bad effects. The simple reason being a large audience is already aware and will not purchase these products. For example, USA & UK banned hoverboards. It’s a foolish decision to sell these products online.

Avoid High Pricing

76% of the buyers on Groupon come for products that are less than 300 $. This a huge majority of people. There is a lot of money to be made selling products in this price range.

Sell at twice the buy price

Try to search for products where you can double the price. Do not overprice. But look at products where you can make 50% of the amount back after selling the product.

 Fragile Items


It’s a headache and really a pain at times to sell fragile products. You may receive many complaints regarding breakages. This may also lead to bad reviews and tickets.  So choose sturdy products and package the products well.

Check for competitors

You must not try to sell a product when there are already a lot of powerful competitors already selling it. It’s going to make it tough to compete with them and get sales. If there are 50 – 100 competitors selling the same products leave that product.

Avoid Selling Trademarked items

This will surely get your account suspended. Don’t buy and sell anything that has a big US trademark on it. These products won’t help you get far.

Avoid selling products with MSRP

Purchase and sell products where you can add your own private label. This means that you can quote your own price. this will help you get a better margin. Products with MSRP cannot be sold higher than the printed amount.

We hope with this article we helped you make a decision and choose which are the Best Products To Sell on Groupon Stores Account To Increase Sales. These are just our recommendations on how we run our business. By following this we boosted our sales immensely. We at Fabuloso India hope your sales go up with the help of our article.

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