Best Online Shopping Websites In America To Sell Your Merchandise

When I first started working for an E-commerce firm, it was a fantastic journey and I learned a lot out of this experience but I always had a dream to start selling myself so I begin a long journey and begin to research about e-commerce 24 * 7 and ended up selling for my clients and not actually purchasing the products, and here I am writing an article of the best online shopping websites. A complete different line right ?

If you think it is, difficult to sell online I can assure you that it is easy to start selling and the first step is to decide which websites to sell on. There are so many websites out there that at times it might confuse newbies.

Here are the Best Online Shopping Websites that you need to start selling now to increase your sales and make that big money.

Best online shopping websites-Amazon

According to Wikipedia,  Amazon in 2015 surpassed Walmart as the most valuable retailer in the United States by market capitalization, and is, as of 2016 Q3, the fourth most valuable public company and according to  Nielsen company survey Amazon has over 95 million monthly unique visitors, therefore Amazon is considered the best online shopping website in America.

Amazon has also its presence in North America, South America, Europe, India, and China and in total, it has its presence in 180 countries. Amazon does all the Shipping, packing service via FBA if you are having storage problems. The good thing is you can go international if you feel grounded in the US.

Best online shopping website-Ebay

Pierre Omidyar the founder, started EBay as a side hobby until his service provider asked him to upgrade to Business account because of the large volume traffic, from there on he is gone to build a billion dollar worldwide website, as the statistics show below.

ebay investor Profile

If you are a distributor, liquidator, retailer, import and export companies then this is the best online shopping websites to sell on.

Best online shopping website-Groupon

Groupon is a deal making website, which sells products at a heavy discount. Unlike Amazon and eBay, which has a monthly subscription fee, Group on charges only referral fee.

Groupon Stores is a platform for third-party suppliers of products to promote products, liquidate inventory, and engage with the Group on community. The merchant only fulfills the Goods sold, meaning we need to have our own courier facilities to sell on Group on.

Best online shopping website-Jet

Jet operates only to the 48 states of USA so to apply for jet you need to have a valid US Business Tax ID.

 Jet functions differently as compared to Aamzon, Ebay and other marketplaces. Example, you set a price of $20 for your product, Jet will sell it above your price or equal to the set price to the jet member (customer) but will pay the jet partner (seller) i.e you, the exact amount of $20.

In addition, if you do not have an independent website you cannot sell on Jet. Jet integrates your website with their marketplace Via API.


It actually does depend on which website or how many websites you sell but rather it depends on how to sell and what strategies you follow.

If you really want to make money by selling products online, then it takes a lot research and considerable amount of time but once you get into that selling mode you will be the same again.


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