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Why outsource your Allegro listings to us?

Allegro  is the largest transaction platform in Poland. Reasons to sell in Poland. the share of e-commerce in retail sales in Poland grows by 22.6% annually, 75% of people asked for an online store indicates Allegro in the first place, 14 million customers, our brand’s brand awareness is up to 98%,
90% of our users do regular shopping at Allegro, for 81% of Internet users, Allegro is the first choice when they want to buy something online.

We provide you with a service to help you beat your competitors and always win. We at fabulosoindia work efficiently towards getting you 100 times more sales then you have now. By outsourcing your product listings to us you get access to our huge team of SEO specialists, Content writers, Image manipulation experts, and market analysists. We believe in customer satisfaction.

Why sell on Allegro’s platform?
Each day on the website has:
an average of 900,000 items sold,
500,000 transactions carried out,
300,000 buyers.